Refresh Your Employer Brand

As the unemployment situation is the US slowly improves, employers should look at the employer brands they rely on to tell the company story during recruitment.

Employer brands, like any business strategy, can become less effective unless they are occasionally refreshed, especially in a turbulent talent market.

Before you begin to develop new recruitment materials, or revise the current information, lead an internal discussion of the key issues the employer brand should support. Here are some ideas for the agenda:

What are our most pressing hiring needs?
Identify the specifics of the talent challenge the employer brand must support. This will give you context for the refresh.

What must these people hear to consider your organization as a place to work?
Consider, in detail, what the employer brand must accomplish.

How close is this to what we offer?
Focus on the realities the employer brand must address and how, internally, it can be a catalyst for change.

What is the ultimate value that we deliver to the people we need to hire?
Paint the picture of what you offer today and how it matters to what your recruits must understand and believe.

How does this differ from our competition for talent?
Carefully look into what you can promise that no other employer can say – what value and experience can be uniquely ours – to anchor your employer brand message.

What is our value proposition?
Articulate the experience you offer to the people who currently work at your organization, and who may apply, in exchange for the work they deliver.

How can we refresh our employer brand to summarize this value?
Brainstorm the many ways you can talk about your company as a place to work in the context of what is happening today in the talent marketplace – to be relevant to those looking for work today (and those who are not looking) while staying true to your value proposition.

What architecture is needed to support the employer brand?
Detail how to bring the employer brand to life at each stage of the employee relationship through programs, policies and products.

No employer brand can remain static if your intention is to be remembered. So take a look before you actively recruit.

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