Dysfunction can define an organization’s relationships with its stakeholders. And that can be a problem because an organization needs stakeholders to make certain choices.

Re-Communicate Coaching offers one-on-one sessions with all levels of staff in all capacities to work through individually planned courses of discussion to address obstacles, strengthen skills, refine approaches.

Organizations rely on stakeholders to make the right choices. These relationships rely on how the organization communicates, leads and brands. That’s at the heart of any dysfunction. Organizations must constantly redefine how they communicate, lead and brand to continuously refresh these relationships. When these stakeholders – or consumers – of work, products and futures – do not choose what the organization needs them to choose it can be easy to throw ideas and money at trying to fix the situation. And a lot of this is wasted because the interventions only address the symptom and not the cause. These interventions can easily fail if they do not address the cause. Too many “quick fixes” only focus on the symptom.

At the core of every wrong choice a stakeholder makes is dysfunction in how the organization communicates, brands and leads. And the only way to repair the relationship is to address what the relationship really needs. And, usually, that involves some combination of how the organization communicates, leads and brands. These three anchors are essential to any functional relationship an organization maintains. So the only way to address the dysfunction in the relationship is to identify and address the dysfunction in how the organization communicates, leads and brands. And the only way to do that is to examine what really matters to each relationship. And that’s what re-communicate coaching is all about.

Re-communicate is based on the belief that every organization has some type of communication dysfunction or disappointment and the only way to determine what damage it does is to examine the relationships with stakeholders. That’s because effective communications is in the eye of the beholder. And it takes all three elements, a leader, a brand and a communication system. We prevent and reverse organizational dysfunction that can be attributed to communication, leadership and brand. How to redefine an organization’s essential relationships by refreshing, restoring or reinventing how the organization communicates, leads and brands.