How Cluttered Are Your Communications?

For any business to effectively communicate, leaders must listen, brands must define and its communication functions must deliver. But, over time, any communications get cluttered. To re-communicate is to get to de-clutter old priorities, past expectations, and well-worn habits. Through clinics, coaching and colloquiums, we help organizations around the world diagnose, develop and deliver communications that engage. Picture what you can achieve if you reimagine how you listen, brand and work.

Are you ready to re-communicate?

Refresh How You Brand

How engaged are your workers in your brand?

To brand from the inside – to create results on the outside – means workers demonstrate passion for who the organization is, what it believes and why it exists. And that requires more than a tag line.

Workers choose to engage based on what they experience today and believe they will experience tomorrow. Many things influence this choice including how workers believe a company cares, considers, listens, and what experience it creates.

Our conversations help you diagnose how your brand engages your workers:

  • Value: What workers seek and what they experience and how to bridge any gaps
  • Story: How to brand from the inside to tell an organization’s story as a place to work
  • Experience: How to use the employer brand as a lens to re-evaluate the experience the organization delivers
  • Communications: How to refresh your communications by focusing on the attributes of the employer brand
  • Recruitment: How to use the employer brand to recruit the workers the business needs, and
  • Engagement: How to reconcile what story a company tells with what experience it actually delivers.

From what we hear, we help you refresh your brand from the inside. And we don’t simply turnkey a solution: we involve you in solving the issue so you are more prepared to handle the next one on your own.

Reinvent How You Work

How does your communications function actually function?

How efficiently do you get things done? How relevant are the approaches? How effective are your solutions? How lasting are results?

To re-communicate dares an organization to reinvent the communication function to address new challenges.

Our colloquium is an intense two- or three-day experience to take a communication function apart and put it back together again.

Together, we diagnose the problem, dissect the issues and determine the impact. To develop the approach, we brainstorm all the possibilities. To deliver the solution, we outline a detailed blueprint. And to ensure results, we reinvent the function to support the new communication system the business needs.

And we accomplish this by working with the skills you already have. Just as a craftsman refinishes a fine piece of furniture, we work together to strip away the finishes you have added over the years to get back to the original source material.

We dig to the core of how you function. Instead of layering on new ways of doing things we rebuild the approaches, habits and patterns, as we discard the excuses and dependencies. We dissect the processes you follow to shed the crutches, stop the autopilot and address the danger signals and triggers. You emerge with a reinvented function with the competencies, approaches and processes you need to withstand daily choices, habits, patterns and critics. And we help you rediscover your communication purpose.

The key to this work is how we get to the heart of the relationships that define how you deliver communications. We examine how your function manages time, responses and tasks, to emerge with new ways to simplify, streamline and simply say “no”.

Each colloquium has three parts:

  • In-residence: To get to know your function, we spend time working in your function to gain first-hand experience how you work and what may get in your way.
  • Insight: To get familiar with the expectations you manage, we interview your internal clients for communications, as well as lead conversations with samples of workers.
  • Inspiration: To re-invent the function in a one- two- or three-day session, we work off-site to absorb what we have learned, imagine what we can be, and detail how we can get there.

Your retooled communication staff will rethink every routine, habit and approach without fear of reaction, and based on insight into what people need and what can work. Because, in every organization, the effort to sustain how we communicate is only as strong as the communication function is relevant:

  • Deliverables: What value workers want and what communications they think work or don’t work
  • Structure: How to reconfigure your communication function to revive its enthusiasm for its mission
  • Finance: How to rebudget what the organization should spend on communications for maximum return
  • Routine: How to rethink and recommit to what may be too familiar, routing or stale
  • Organization: How to restructure and reorganize the function to be more responsive to the organization’s needs, and
  • Media: How to refresh the menu of media for effective communications in both directions.

Participating in a re-communicate colloquium can help you, quickly, reinvent your function to deliver what your business needs.

Rethink How You Listen

Rethink How You ListenHow effectively do your leaders listen when they connect with workers?

That takes more than leading a town hall meeting once a year or appearing in an occasional video.

It requires a leader to be comfortable with what stakeholders hunger to view and experience, as well as with the skills he or she brings to the communication dimension of the leadership role.

No leader can effectively communicate without a commitment to develop and nourish the skills. Because, in every organization, stakeholders play follow the leader. But no leader’s communication skills stay strong without work. And leaders have limited time to participate in traditional professional development.

Our clinics help leaders develop the competencies to listen and engage during every interaction:

  • Presentations: How to retool formal presentation and informal meeting skills
  • Conversations: How to lead effective interactions where stakeholders feel they are heard, and
  • Media: How to refresh approaches to inperson, media and online conversations.

This is not traditional training or standard workshops. When we work in clinic, we are hands on with rolled-up sleeves. We identify needed competencies, gaps in skills and experience, after which we go to work, and use experiential learning to develop the competencies your leaders need to create the communications workers hunger for.

What your experience at clinic can help an organization’s staff do-it-yourself the next time you have a communication challenge you need a leader to address.